Essay about Why Outdoor Shopping Center?

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Why Outdoor Shopping Centers? What makes outdoor shopping centers so popular? Where I live there is nowhere to shop, so we have to go to Raleigh whenever we want to shop. There are many places to shop in Raleigh, including two malls and two outdoor shopping centers. There are many people that still go to the malls, but I have found that there are a lot more people headed out to places like North Hills and Cameron Village. These places are always crowded and their popularity is on the rise. Outdoor shopping centers are pushing regular, indoor malls out of the picture.
There are many differences between outdoor and indoor shopping malls. There are certain things about each one that appeal to different types of people. The environments of the two are opposite. Malls are hectic, while outdoor shopping centers are calm. Malls usually offer common brands that can be found anywhere, while the outdoor shopping centers tend to offer pricier and more upscale brands. Parking also tends to be a difference between the two. Outdoor shopping centers usually have regular parking and there tends to not be as much. Indoor shopping malls tend to have parking decks. These differences are the best way to look at why outdoor shopping centers have become more popular than regular malls and also why regular malls are on the decline. Looking at these things offers an idea of why outdoor shopping malls are more appealing. I feel that many people want to shop somewhere that is calm and not hectic.…

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