Why Or Not Punishment Is Effective? Essay

977 Words Oct 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Whether or not punishment is effective depends on many different factors that could go beyond the scope of this project. However, considering the perspective of corporate management, there are various aspects that are common across many different environments and industries. First, a general description of the concepts that drive human behavior and motivation is necessary to illustrate what can be identified as effective and ineffective. Additionally, considering the increasing occurrences of companies globalizing, punishment across different cultures will be discussed. The corporate environment will be another aspect taken into consideration which will illustrate any differences that may be discovered when analyzing policies in an office environment, as well as a dynamic industrial environment. Some of the industries being analyzed will include the medical field and the aviation industry. Furthermore, alternative programs will be discussed to determine whether the absence of punishment may prove to be more effective than punishment. Finally, sources will be analyzed to ascertain to what degree punishment is most effective, and to determine if there is a point of gaining diminishing returns.
Employee Motivation and Behavior The factors that motivate employees are a vital detail to determine how punishment affects the person being punished, as well as the employees around them. As stated earlier, administering discipline in the workplace can be a difficult task…

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