Why Oil Is So Important? Essay

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Sustainable Development Many people wonder why oil is so important to us. Oil is a viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use of fuel or lubricant. The amount of uses for oil are endless. Oil is used for clothing, fuel for transportation, cosmetics, plastic, paint, etc. This gives a great importance to the substance called oil. Most of what we use or see on a day to day basis maybe slightly contain oil or be mostly comprised of it. In addition, petroleum that is used to make oil is mined daily from the earth slowly will not be available to us in the near future. We as in the entire world extracts about ninety million barrels daily compared to the one trillion amount of barrels left in our world hypothesized by scientists. If we understand that oil is so valuable, then countries that export oil gain a lot of revenue. One country in particular that’s main revenue is oil is becoming one of the most famous tourist spots ever in history. Dubai a city in United Arab Emirates is able to import food, desalinate water, build high rising buildings and create artificial islands while having no farmland or water because of its exportation of oil. Dubai is one of the most famous cites that have skyscrapers, museums, gigantic malls, etc. Dubai is a booming city because of its main export of oil. Before its exportation of oil, it was an empty wasteland with few stores and many people homeless. Dubai had various rulers every decade and they mostly used pearl trade as their…

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