Essay Why Obesity Is A Disease

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On the issues that are dividing our community, some people believe that obesity is a disease, others say that it’s not a disease but simply a result of eating too much. It is, however, in everyone’s interests to know that obesity is indeed a disease. Qualification as a disease could improve and possibly provide increased insurance coverage, physician assistance with all aspects of weight loss, and increased acknowledgment by the society of the issues of obesity. Some people are under the impression that obesity is caused by taking in more calories than the body requires and uses. There are others who believe obesity is caused by environmental and genetic factors. The ongoing research into obesity seems to point to obesity as more of a disease rather than simply a cosmetic issue.
Classifying obesity as a disease has many benefits. The benefits of classifying obesity as a disease would affect insurance companies, which in turn would affect physicians, patients, and multiple modalities. This is an important factor as 65% of the world’s population lives in countries where obesity and related complications kill more patients than underweight complications do.” Physicians should consider obesity a disease and more actively treat obese patients for weight loss.” (CNN) Some insurance companies have helped fight obesity for years. The American Medical Association has recognized obesity as a disease. This may change the way doctors treat the problem, and how health insurers…

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