Essay on Why Nursing Homes Are Harmful

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Why Nursing Homes Are Harmful On the last day of his life, a patient had seven family members around him, but no one thought he was about to die. He was in a nursing home, recovering from having surgery. He had Parkinson 's disease, and he was not able to swallow anymore. Things started to go wrong when a current nurse at the nursing home gave him some medication through his feeding tube. The medicine would not stay down for him. So, the nurse came back with the medicine in three huge syringes and forced the medication down his stomach. Within a few minutes, he was choking and gasping for air. The medication was traveling up his esophagus and into his lungs, and he could not spit out or eject it like a normal person could. So, within minutes, he was taking his last breath. He had no pulse, and was not breathing. It was devastating. His family had never seen it coming. This is just one of the many examples of why nursing homes are very harmful.
I have seen it with my own eyes, these patients get mistreated on a regular daily basis. Most of that harm could have been prevented. And there is a large percent of nursing home residents harmed by their treatment wound up back in the hospital as a result; such injuries likely cost Medicare about $2.8 billion a year. That 's only counting the hospital costs. It doesn 't cover separate doctor visits and prolonged stays at the nursing homes that also result from patients ' injuries. Personally I think that the government should inspect…

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