Why Money Can Not Buy Happiness Essay

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Everyone live to find our purpose in life; we all wanted a prosperity life, but what define a prosperity life? Is it being wealthy? Is it a perfect family? Is it good friends, and colleagues? Dream jobs? We have come to the conclusion that the path to prosperity is measure by how happy we are. People seem to connect happiness with whatever around them that define they are happy; whether its money, friends, or perfect job. I have known a person that was poor, and he is successful in life and became rich; sadly he notice that having more money doesn’t make his problem go away even sometimes he thinks that he might be more happy before he was rich because he had less problems. We can all argue that money cannot buy happiness, but some people might say money cannot buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle. What makes us define happiness is our thought; therefore the method is to “think.” In this paper I am on Hannah Arendt’s side in term of thinking is against evildoing leading to a good life. I have chosen to see what makes a prosperity life through Hannah Arendt, a German Jewish philosopher lens. Hannah aim towards humans thinking. Her ideology is about “banality of evil.” She shows evils that derive from humans are not from the failures of the morals, but rather from the failures of thinking. She illustrates that all the bad mistakes that happened in the society such as crimes and murder are from the wild motives. As the reflection of…

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