Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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This paper includes the reasons why medical marijuana should be legalized in the United States of America. Medical Marijuana could serve many purposes in healthcare today. It has effects that are the same or better than medicine and treatments that are available today. There are many Americans against this idea of legalization because of those that might over use this drug. If it can be considered a controlled substance and treated that way in health care. We can overcome the taking advantage of this drug for recreational purposes and use only for medical purposes.

Medical Marijuana should be legalized in the United States of America
Has one ever thought that marijuana would help disease processes and other disorders? Of course but people abuse this substance for recreational use. Many people ache and experience from disorders that can be treated by marijuana. Medical Marijuana has many benefits that could help diseases and illnesses in healthcare. These benefits include treating strokes, seizures, anxiety and plenty of other illnesses. This could change healthcare forever. If treated like narcotics in healthcare, this could help the stop of abuse of prescribed, controlled substances. This drug has been seen to cause some brain damage but it has more healthy effects for those that are ill. Medical Marijuana serves many medical purposes in disorders and diseases that are in the world today. (Is Marijuana Medicine) This medicine can be used to treat Glaucoma of…

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