Why Math Is Hard Essay

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Why Math Is Hard

High school mathematics teachers are faced with numerous students every year who are unable to handle mathematical content. The primary goal, as a high school mathematics teacher, is to increase the student’s knowledge of algebra. However, many students are not ready for given information. Many students are lacking basic mathematical skills and are unable to do simple calculations, like long division. Nationally too many students are behind in mathematics. Every person no matter race, socio economics, or geographical location should be able to do and understand various forms of mathematics, especially simple calculations, like counting change.

Other learning disorders DSM-IV-TR ( Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ) has a mathematics disorder listed. The disorder requires a person to be behind in their ability based on standardized testing for their grade or age level. One concern is the method of testing. Standardized testing is a like a snapshot of a person’s performance on a given day at a certain time. There could be several reasons that contribute to the persons testing; if a student worked late the night before, they didn’t eat a good breakfast, or they could have just been sick during the test. There has been a couple of times when I have stayed up late to take care of my babies and had been late and too tired to take the test.

Mathematics has always been an important part of education. There are several…

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