Why Marriage Is A Important Part Of Life Essay

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Getting married is a very significant event in the human race. It traces back for centuries and is still a very important part of one 's life today. Many people believe marriage is a necessary event to incorporate in their lives. It is a foundation upon building a significant bond with another partner and a start to a new life with a family. Many cultures around the world strongly support marriage into their ritual lives while other cultures despise marriage. No matter how many cultures are against marriage, marriage will always continue to be a very important part of life. There will always be couples getting married whether they are young, old or the same sex.
Cultural Diversity
The culture of India is one of the most oldest and unique. Many different regions of India have their own culture, as so does a lot of other countries. However, India houses some of the most ancient civilizations, including some of the major religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. This culture is still growing to this day and will continue to grow for years to come. They have some of the oldest tribes that will be here for years to come. Without this culture, many people would not know what to do. In the taboo video, men and women from all ages came together as a community and helped set up a celebration for a marriage. Marriage in India is very different than marriage is the United States. Being culturally diverse is one of the most significant things because if everyone had the same…

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