Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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In addition, Becker illustrates the importance of looking at familiar events, because this is when one is able to gain insight on different perspectives, such as in how one becomes a marijuana user. In fact, most marijuana users do not like it the first place, but will after many tries because they would have then learned the proper way to get high. Therefore, the marijuana users have to “learn to recognize the effects and connect them with drug use and then learn to enjoy the sensation they perceive” (5). The marijuana does not just work, as users have to have a specific perception of the drug for its pleasurable effects cause the individual to want to do it again. Therefore, once the feeling of fear and distasteful taste disappears, the user will perceive marijuana as pleasurable. Those who are not marijuana users would look at all marijuana users to be high, because they simply had marijuana, but it is only when sociologists observe the behavior and actions of users are they able to gain insight about this familiar phenomenon.
In addition, sociologists focus on race as a social construct. Tomaskovic-Devey and Warren describes racial profiling by police officers after the Drug Enforcement Agency trained local police offers to search for drug users, “considering the suspects race” (1). Police officers stopped minorities for minor offenses, in hope of finding more severe offenses, but “rates of contraband are typically lower, suggesting racial profiling decreases policing…

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