Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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Hillmont Talada 1 Danielle Cook English 1010 February 22, 2010

Why marijuana should be legal

Some people ask why marijuana should be legalized. But, perhaps, we should ask why

marijuana is illegal? Contrary to public opinion and current law there are more reasons for

marijuana to be legalized than for it to remain illegal. Marijuana cost taxpayers billions of

dollars, it is less harmful than other pharmaceutical drugs including alcohol and tobacco, it

provides medical benefits, and for some cultures it is used in their ritual. If marijuana was

legal it would benefit both those who use and those who don’t use because of tax revenue.

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With all the

medical treatments that marijuana can provide us with, it should be legal. There could be many

people who need to use marijuana for medical reasons but cannot afford to. So if marijuana

could help pay for healthcare and other medical research why, would we not legalize marijuana

In fact, if marijuana was legal, we could use the money for medical research. These are some

logical reasons for marijuana to be legalized in the United States.

There are many more reasons for marijuana should be legal than for it to remain illegal.

Hemp has been used since prehistory for many purposes. Hemp can mean the rope of twine

which is made from the hemp plant which is produced from the stalk of the hemp plant.

Therefore, if marijuana was legalized and mass produced we would not only make money but

would also be used for medical reasons. Nonetheless the plant itself has many resources.

Marijuana is also used for religious purposes. Rastafarians use marijuana ritually to

enhance their consciousness of the relationship between God, individual soul, and creation. 5

Religious uses of marijuana should bring great concept to legalizing marijuana in the US

In conclusion, if marijuana was legal the government wouldn't have to spend $10-$15

billion every year on the war against marijuana in

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