Why Managers Need Cultural, Ethnic, And Gender Differences Essay

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Why Managers Need to Understand Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Differences in Business The computer age and increase in technology has created the world to become smaller and more interconnected between people from diverse cultures around the world. Although there is a continued improvement towards diversity tolerance, there are still challenges to be faced within today’s society. In a business sense, interconnection is important for economic growth and survival and these challenges should pave the way towards organizations to restructure their hiring practices and perception of diversity. Leadership and professionals must learn to conform and adapt in understanding how a diverse workforce can be beneficial towards the growth and success of a business.
Diversity Defined In order to understand the concept of diversity and the importance of introducing and accepting it in the workplace, it is imperative to know the meaning of the word fully. Diversity is any identity-based attribute which can be affected; including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, family and social status, and mental ability (Bell, 2007). This definition can be expanded to include workplace attributes; such as, work ethics, and professionalism. Those who perceive differences in a negative manner may find it difficult to assimilate towards an evolving diverse workplace.
Challenges Faced Years ago there were less women and minorities in…

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