Why Managers Are Responsible For Driving The Employees Essay

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Upon graduation, many graduates have proceeded to secure employment in companies they long coveted to join. Normally, expectations are high and one is prepared to assume responsibilities that come with the job. In fact, they tend to love their work, to excel at it to a level of attracting attention of their seniors. It reaches to a point the employee exhibit signs of being relied upon in future of the company. Despite all these promises, it is not once that such a promising development is cut short. Shortly after establishing themselves in the company, the narrative begins to change and talk of leaving the company begin. Such a significant reversal in attitude is a normal development and questions are bound to arise regarding the causes. With companies attracting the employees, this paper offers the argument that the managers are responsible for driving the previously enthusiastic employees away. While the skills of the managers offer the greatest potential for promoting engagement, managers can as well stifle employee’s work fulfillment to the point of driving people to leave the previously coveted jobs.
Joining Companies, But Leaving Managers
Based on the experiences of several family members in their previous and current workplaces, few moments are better than the immediate moment after securing a job position that they wanted. Mainly, the information that they have regarding the company is based on advertisements and narrations by colleagues, which often glamorize the…

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