Why Management Is Important For The Standards Level Of An Organization

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Samson states that management is setting an organization goal in an efficient and effective manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources. Like wise the employee who is hired to set organization goal by managing organization are called managers. Managers should have different types of skills and talent in order to maintain the standards level of an organization. Don marit states that person should master their work in order to become skilled manager. 21 st century is a platform of computation, so in order to get a role of manager in a company the skills to make a difference should be required.

This is 21st century, It can be seen that change is occurring, technology is emerging, education is advanced, skills are gained, Computation is unlimited. To maintain in this change manager should adopt the changing environment, they should have the ability to work in diversity in order to manage a company. Managers should have skills of code switching between cultures, they should be able to work and lead with t different culture and foreign employees. (Andrew L. Molinsky ) Certain adjustments should be done in workplace in order to gain trust and manage the employees of different behaviors and culture in order to maintain the standard of company. Wielding digital influence can be one of the major skills of managers in 21 st century. Managers should be well informed about the digital world in this century so they should keep a good…

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