Essay about Why M. M Taught Grade English At My High School

796 Words Sep 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Mrs. M taught 12th grade English at my high school. Even though it would be my last year in high school it turned out to be one of the toughest years in my educational experience. Mrs. M was the typical school teacher, being very organized with her lesson plans and what her goal was for each lesson. She was very effective in the sense of presenting the material and assigning many assignments to get the point across, but the environment that she contributed to presented difficulties for learning. Her preferential treatment of students was not beneficial to the educational experience and therefore is deserving of blame. A fellow student had suitably described her as a garden gnome, although with regal stature. She always moved about the room with a sense of importance and sat with “proper” posture, although her motion was short and choppy like the wings of an insect. The first day of class she seemed very professional, secure and in control. After the first couple weeks, her confidence gave way to sporadic episodes of chaos and insecurity. There was no predicting how she might act any given day. This gave us no true sense of how that seemingly long 80 minutes every other school day was going to unfold. A student should never have to be worried about the potentially negative environment in which they will be forced to learn in. School can be hard for many students and it should resemble a fun and safe learning environment, one in which a student’s true personality can…

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