Why Law Is Important For Modern Times? How Efficient Is The Role Of Law?

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What is law? What is the purpose of law? What is the role of law in modern times? How efficient is the role of law in contemporary India?

India is believed to be democratic, secular and republic. It is also considered to be the most populous democracy in the world. The Constitution of India is the supreme law. It contains the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens, certain laws and regulations that being a citizen of India is necessary to abide, if not he/she is penalized. The system of governance of India is based on law. However, the rule of law in India is often challenged by numerous crises.

Law has become a stronghold of the dominant and the elite society. The elite, dominant sections enjoy the privileges that come with the power of law through money. The poor and weaker sections are often left to fend for themselves. Ignored by the law makers and law enforcers, they usually suffer the brunt of exploitation and discrimination.

Law which are made to protect those who need help often happens to do the opposite. They become the tools of the powerful to dominate over the weaker, subordinated sections. The elite, powerful and dominant society misuses the power of law for their welfare and greed. Caste, gender and status become the weapon for the powerful, which uses this as a means of subjugating the poor, whose voices are often subdued through the power of money.

In the case of the Narmada Bachao Andolan project, the dams were supposed to be part of the…

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