Why Jenny Should Not Take A Job With Her New Masters Degree Essay

1085 Words Apr 12th, 2015 null Page
Jenny gets a job with her new masters degree and is excited for the government. After a year of working she noticed corruption happening within her office. Things such as stealing money from grants, rigged application tests, and people using company cars for there own personal need were all being overlooked because of the corruption. Jenny was offered a choice to join the corruption with her coworkers. She needs to decide between getting started on paying off her school loans or quit and making it look bad on a resume. There is a third choice though within the scenario, since she only went to the person second in command of the department there’s a chance she can still go to the direct head of the department. I think Mill and I would both go to the head of the department to try to stop all the corruption. I believe Jenny should not take part in the corruption happening within the department. By her showing concern by trying to stop what is happening she obviously knows its wrong. If you know something is wrong, but you do it anyways it may cause yourself pain. Not the physical pain, but mentally which can destroy you. Doing something with intent to inflict pain to yourself or others I believe is not morally correct. Granted I do believe there are exceptions such as to stop someone from harming someone else, but this does not apply in this situation. The corruption happening is taking things away from a large group of people and giving it to a smaller one. By taking or…

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