Essay About Texting And Driving

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In this essay I, am going to argue why: it is very bad to be texting and driving. Texting and driving, we all know is bad to do. So why do people still do it? You hear in the news how people are getting into accidents; they were either looking at a text message or they were sending a text message. With all of the awareness that is in today’s world, you would think that people would know all of the risks and not do it. There is technology that goes into your phone that makes it so you can’t receive any text messages or phone calls when you are driving. There is a lot of statistics out there, there is also a lot of videos out there too show you what can happen. Parents tell us “don’t text and drive” but they do, so why can’t we? There is a lot of studies that show how dangerous it is to text and drive. In 2011, at least 23% of auto accidents were caused by the use of cell phones, which adds up to 1.3 billion car …show more content…
Or they think they can handle texting and driving because they are an adult or have been driving for a longer period of time. It is not just teenager and kids who get into car accident due to using their cell phones it is also adults. There is a new study that showed 82% of adults that were ages 25-39 reported using their cell phones while driving, and 43% say they use it fairly often or on a regular basis when they are behind the wheel. Another shocker 72% of those are between 40-59 say that they also use their phones behind the wheel, but only 7% say that they sent a message. Adults that are 60 or older were the least likely to report that they use their cell phones when behind the wheel. 77% of teens say that they are comfortable texting while driving. Studies show that it is slightly more dangerous to text at a red light or at stop sing, because you end up sitting there to long and someone will hit you. Texting while driving is like driving after you had just drank 4

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