Why Is X Rays Important To Society

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Development of the X-Ray
In 1895, a mechanical engineer and physicist named Wilhelm Roentgen created the X-ray. He was born on March 27, 1845 in Germany.
So in 1895, Roentgen was playing around with a cathode ray tube and evacuated all the air inside of it and replaced it with another special gas. Then, he covered the tube so nothing escapes it, passed a current through it, and then the tube produced a fluorescent glow. After further investigations, Roentgen wanted to see how strong this “glow” was, so he put a piece of heavy black paper in front of it and saw that the green fluorescent light went through the paper and appeared on the wall behind it. Then, out of curiosity he put his hand in front, as saw that he could see his bones
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X ray machines have an average cost of $95,000 each depending on the model, but this initial cost is worth the investment (Mustapha). In reality, X-rays are much cheaper than other machines are is cheaper to maintain. X rays have a lot of other benefits as well such as, the fact that you get an image very quickly, for instance within a day or even an hour. X-rays are painless and require no recovery time after it has been done. To add, it can help diagnose various diseases and injuries, including broken bones, some cancers and infections. Although, X rays are known to cause mutations in the reproductive system, so an iron apron is worn to block the photons from reaching those organs. Additionally, x-rays are more portable and easier to use than other machines. Moreover, getting x-rays done increases your chances slightly of getting cancer in the next decade due to the ionizing radiation that exists in the process. X-rays also increase levels of hydrogen peroxide which could cause cell damage, should not be used on children or pregnant women, and they don’t give a very detailed picture of the human body, only the bones. After viewing all the positives and negatives, it can be concluded that x-rays are more beneficial than not (NPS

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