Why Is Walking A Skill That Us Humans? Essay

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Learning how to walk is a skill that us humans (even animals), get to learn at a certain point of our lives. As you may know walking is part of our human growth and development, and who would have known that on a blink of an eye I would be losing that skill. “Zoe! Can you hear me?” I opened my eyes. Waking up to a nurse with a terrible pain on my right leg, I realized I just got out of surgery. Six months prior to surgery I was injured playing soccer the sport that consumed my life. I completely tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), a ligament that holds the Femur (the bone on top of the knee) and the Tibia (a bone below the knee); it controls reasonable movements and prevents forward movements of the Tibia. As a result, I received a traumatizing surgery on my knee causing my muscles to shut down; it felt as horrible as it sounds. I still remember like if it was yesterday, hours after my surgery my knee was very swollen and I had a lot of excruciating pain. While at the hospital a physical therapist from the hospital come in to my room and told me and tells me that she was taking me out for a walk. I said, “What! It has only been a couple of hours that I’ve gotten out from surgery, how can I possibly be walking?” I was so shocked; fear came running down my whole body. From that point on my recovery, my journey to learn how to walk again had begun.
Couple of weeks passed, I had an appointment with my doctor, the orthopedic, and it was a life changing appointment. My leg…

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