Why Is The Topic Of Gun Control So Widely Debated? Essay

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Why is the Topic of Gun Control So Widely Debated? December 15, 1791; The Bill of Rights was passed, which contained an amendment that protects the U.S. citizens’ rights to bear arms. In a nation that was built on the foundation of fighting, a law that allows citizens to own a weapon is important to maintaining the identity of America. The second amendment can be interpreted in many ways. Of course, this is an amendment that was created when guns fired a single shot and took multiple minutes to reload. With the innovation of weapons that fire multiple rounds per minute and can be reloaded in a matter of seconds, people are calling for a reinterpretation of the 2nd amendment. The number of mass killings have increased steadily through recent times, which is causing debate on whether guns should be outlawed all together. Despite the spike in gun-related attacks, multitudes of citizens are against any form of gun regulation. Gun control will be more generally accepted by the younger generation then older people. Upon beginning my research, I figured that results would lead to evidence that the older generation is more opposed to gun control then the younger generation. Since these older people have been around longer, they have experienced a time in which mass killings weren’t occurring as frequently as they are today, and where guns weren’t restricted nearly as much as they are today. They have seen mass shootings due to gun violence but also realize that in the past,…

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