Why Is The Reign Of Terror Justified

The Justification of the Reign Of Terror Threatening to end the French Revolution. The French Revolution has been building up for years under the rule of King Louis 16. The things that lead up to the people of France revolting against the king was the serious debt, expensive wars, and the starving of the people of France. After the people of France revolted against the King they formed the new government as a republic. Down the road a man named Maximilian Robespierre introduced the guillotine and thus started The Reign Of Terror. The Reign Of Terror is a period of remorseless repression and bloodshed and some wonder if the The Reign of Terror was justified or unnecessary. The Reign of Terror was justified because of the actions of the people …show more content…
The French government just wanted to protect the better good of the people of France by taking care of the counterrevolutionaries. The counterrevolutionaries were mostly fighting to restore the monarchy. Didn’t the monarchy put the country in serious debt and do nothing for the starving people. That’s why the allied army wanted to go to war with France, to restore the monarchy. The terror is the only reason why France is the country it is today. Without the terror the France would not have stood a chance against the allied countries and the counterrevolutionaries. If Maximilian had never introduced the idea of terror who knows what would have happened to France maybe it would be that same as it is today or restored as a monarchy. So it is basically either going to a republic or restoring the monarchy by saying it was unjustified for the acts of terror. If you think it was unjustified then the terror should have never happened then. Then the people of France would still be starving to death and still suffering the debt the king left it in. Since the terror was established people got their own rights and the people didn’t have to suffer anymore. You live in a contrary were you have rights and opportunity. Using terror is just a strategy plan used by the French to form the new republic and keep the chance of rights alive. Now let’s take the rights away and put you in the shoes of the people who were trying to give everyone rights. Are you going to ask the enemies who are trying to kill you for your rights or fight for them just like America? So yes I do think it the reign of terror was justified because I believe that people should do whatever it takes to get your divine human rights. The French fought for liberty under the idea of terror and at around the same time didn’t America just fight for our

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