Why Is The Fox Executive? Essay example

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Bringing it all Together Fortunately, I wrote the bulk of this paper prior to the last negotiation, where I played the role of the Fox executive. This gave me a perfect opportunity to incorporate the above lessons and see whether they made me a better negotiator. The first step was to incorporate the spirit of Germany in my prep work. Rather than relying on mere conjectures, I opted to open my computer and look up the yearly revenues from merchandise, DVD sales, etc. stemming from the Simpson’s franchise. Knowing the numbers allowed me to create a plan that incorporated both salaries and percentage takes on merchandise profits that fell within my authorized zone of negotiation. Since total revenue for merchandise sales neared $1 billion annually, I knew that any offer above 0.5% for each actor would be an astronomically high demand given the current state of their salaries. Further, I searched the current and historical stock price of 21st Century Fox, in case I wanted to offer stocks or stock options in a compensation package. Ultimately, the research paid off. It gave me a variety of options to propose and gave me an informational advantage over my counterpart who had only his relatively limited informational sheet to work with. Before the negotiation, we chatted a bit about our Thanksgiving breaks and other non-negotiation related topics. The purpose was two-fold. First, Josh, my negotiating counterpart, was a friend and I wanted to take the chance to catch up. But…

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