Research Paper On The Death Penalty

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Lethal Justice
Imagine being placed on death row by a system that is executing people for committing crimes. One simple revengeful court ruling can end a life forever. If someone commits a crime he should be punished, but should he be executed for his crime? Is it acceptable for a citizen to kill someone? If not, why is it acceptable for our justice system to carry out this punishment? The death penalty may sound appropriate for some situations, but it is wrong. Executing a person for their crime is a decision that no man should be able to decide.
The death penalty is the justice system’s way of punishing someone that has done something so wrong that there is no amount of time in prison to make up for their crime. The death penalty has been
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The death penalty is morally wrong and unconstitutional. How can they expect the citizens of the United States to respect and follow the law when the justice system is bypassing their own laws? The eighth amendment of The U.S. Bill of Rights states, “…nor cruel and unusual punishments be inflicted” (Bill of Rights). Is this not what the justice system is doing to criminals? John Albert Taylor was put to death by firing squad in 1996. Chris Zimmerman witnessed the execution and stated, “There was a countdown, and the firing squad was ordered to aim and fire” (qtd in The drugs don’t work). How can the justice system ever expect society to be peaceful and fair if they are as corrupt as the criminals themselves? As children, society has taught that it is impossible to win a fight if they fight fire with fire. This is exactly what the justice system is doing to criminals. If someone is convicted with murder, he has a chance of being put on death row and being put to death for his crime. What about those who are convicted and never committed the crime they were convicted of? There is a very small percentage of people who are put on death row, but is it worth the chance of putting an innocent person to death? Back in 1977, Brian Baldwin was accused of the murder of Naomi Rolon and was put to death. A decade after his execution, forensic evidence found proo that Edward Horsley was the actual murderer of Naomi Rolon (Fridell 108). Sure, these instances are rare, but why take the chance of killing an innocent human

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