Essay about Why Is Starbucks So Beloved?

1030 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Why is Starbucks so beloved? It is consumed by millions of people each day. Many people believe it’s the best place to get coffee from; well I beg to differ. I think that it is overrated for how much people talk so good about the franchise itself. I agree it has some good coffee, but it’s not worth it. It has become somewhat of a necessity for some people in the morning. I just don’t think it is that important. Also, some people just drink Starbucks just to say, “I had Starbucks this morning.” Starbucks over all as a brand is completely overpriced. Why do people pay so much money just for a cup of coffee? When Starbucks prepares the drinks, they don’t completely put all the actual coffee in the cup, especially their iced drinks is majority ice and no drink. What people need to realize is that Starbucks isn’t the only option for coffee as there are other alternatives.
Starbucks is known worldwide for its great coffee. I agree with people on that, but it is not worth it. I have many reasons to why I haven’t bought Starbucks in quite some time. Some people believe the main reason is its overpriced. A former barista at Starbucks said, “I’d cringe as they passed me their credit cards, blissfully unaware that they were paying for a mediocre product.” It seems they are getting similar coffee from other coffee shops. Well it’s not a secret about it being very pricey. Some people would pay over five dollars just to buy a latte. That is crazy if you ask me. I know different…

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