How To Reduce Standardized Testing Essay

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It is no doubt that standardized testing has gone too far, this so-called standardized test has led to exhausted teachers and students. The teacher and the student work in many ways to cover all the test teaks. Students are required to take practice mock exams, which is one thing they do not like to do. The testing shall not be allowed to overwhelm education because this may cause loss of interest in education across the state. Standardized testing does not measure educational quality, tests are an unreliable measure of student performance, and standardized testing causes severe stress in younger student. The emphasis on standardized testing in the US is a problem, and, therefore, the number of tests per year should be reduced because it is not an accurate measure of student learning, it puts too much stress on students, and it forces educators to teach to the test rather than using class time for broader lessons. The standardized testing does not measure the educational quality because by the time the test comes around the child is worn out; and no longer has …show more content…
According to, is states that many observers blame the No Child Left Behind Act for making teachers teach to the test requirements and not teaching the child according to their needs. Also San Francisco Chronicle, said "turning teaching and learning into a mere exercise in prepping students to test well." Which is one of the many reasons why it is not beneficial to students learning they way they have to learn.
In conclusion, standardized testing should be reduced to a minimum possible because due to a number of testing schools do, decreases in the ranking and scores of the children. Testing shall not be implemented so much in schools to reduce the amount of stress on a student and teacher, then they will see the scores and rankings going through the

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