Essay on Why Is Sensation Is Essential For Growth?

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Aristotle claims that the natural world is essentially knowable. This is because “if the world were does not have the power to change anything, or affect anything outside of it.” Unaffected living things are essentially non-living. This is why sensation is a key factor in knowing. It is a living process that is self-fulfilling and self-actualizing, all felt within oneself. Various sensations and experiences can lead a person, or any object in general, to become something else. This is what allows the object or being to be knowledgeable in the world and is a change that is necessary for growth. A world that does not ever sense or experience anything is one that will never be aware of the purpose of its own existence.
The idea of sensation is a purposeful activity that the soul engages in. For Aristotle, every natural object or event has a built purpose, either a goal, an aim, or a function in the world. For example, if a person or animal wanted to enjoy the outside environment, he/she can simply walk around a park with the purpose of enjoyment. Sensation is what gives a living thing life. At first, sensation is a form of nothingness, and nothingness is what gives it potential and power for the world to become everything else. It is then through the various experiences that allow the world or the objects within it to transform. A simple example would be the sensation of hunger. Even as a baby, when he/she is hungry, he/she would cry to notify the parents that…

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