Why Is Project Management Important? Essays

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2.1 Why Is Project Management important?
Project management is “both a profession and set of tools and techniques applied to deliver defined outcomes” (Linton, 2014, p. 3). Project managers are responsible for the creation and delivery of projects such as products, services and capabilities outside of day-to-day operational activities and processes (Linton, 2014, p. 3). That is, projects are specific, have a beginning and end and bring change.
Project management is important because it clearly defines what is to be delivered within the allocated timeframe utilising predetermined resources such as funding needed to complete the project. For example, the organisation of a trade show begins through a planning phase, is executed through the event days and concludes on the last day of the event or when the event report is submitted. Compared to day-to-day operational tasks such as updating supplier contact lists, project tasks’ may be dependent on the completion or beginning of other tasks and once completed the team moves on to the next one. With this in mind it is important to select projects that contribute to the company’s strategy because the resources could have been utilised elsewhere that could have made a better contribution to strategy.
However, there may be disadvantages such as getting bogged down in the process of following processes. For example, as managers and team members are so focused to finish on time they may oversee potential obstacles or miscommunicate…

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