Why Is Physical Education Important? Essay

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Why is Physical education important? The issue with children in America today is early child obesity. Through the years as technology becomes more advanced children spend less time outside running around, and more time indoors playing on their Xbox, Play Station, watching trendy shows, and using the internet for entertaining activities and games. Physical Education is a combination of topics that are taught to the children for instance, nutrition and diet, exercise, mobility, flexibility, safety, sports and activities, and motivation. It is significant that children are instructed at an early age just how significant physical education is.
Nutrition and diet is an essential topic taught in a Physical Education class. Most days parents come home exhausted from their eight to five jobs and feed their children what is most convenient for them at the time. For instance, buying a burger with fries and a soft drink is much easier and less time consuming than cooking a healthy homemade meal. When children are given a healthy, balanced diet they are brining essential vitamins, proteins, and nutrients as oppose to foods with high percentages of fats, sodium, and sugar.
Physical education also trains youngsters on how to improve on their mobility and skills. Mobility can be from stretching, running, jump roping, to learning warm-ups. This can increase their flexibility and mobility so that they can perform the given task of the day. Physical education teaches children on how to…

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