Research Paper On Operation Save Life

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Teenagers are the future. It is the duty of the past generation to pave the way for the next one, and the number one duty is to keep them happy and healthy. This outreach program, “Operation Save-a-Life”, is focused around teenagers. More specifically, it focuses specifically on their mental health and well-being. “Major depression is a chronic,common disorder among adolescents, with lifetime recurrence rates estimated at about 70%, and most (40% to 60%) recurring within two years”(Birmaher et al., 1996). Teenagers are suffering, and therefore the future is suffering. To help this suffering and distress, the teenagers need a ray of light. They need something in their lives to give them happiness, something to look forward to. Operation Save-a-Life is all about answering that problem and meeting that need. The goal is to provide entertainment and help for depressed teens. The program will do exactly that through a “big brother” system. Once every two weeks, the teenager will meet with a “big brother”, a mentor/volunteer that will take them on a day of fun. This could …show more content…
This will mean the world to them. The teenagers will have a true friend, with whom they can express all thought and emotion into with no judgement. They can have a fun day every two weeks, and lose themselves in the good time. A good inquiry about this proposal is how it will find the depressed teenagers. For one, depression in parent is common in children. “Depression in parents has been consistently associated with a number of behavior problems and psychopathology in children, including higher rates of depression”( Also, there will be a psychological questionnaire, that the teenagers can take to confirm their condition. The questionnaires will be submitted to the program, and then it can seek them out. Lastly, the depressed teens can sign up. They can actively seek out

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