Why Is My 5 Year Old Unhappy? Essay

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Gaining knowledge about a subject requires collecting information through different resources such as: the media, printed articles, web sites and family and friends. Once we have gathered the information and we process it, we are able to make informed decisions. Whether we agree or disagree with the information presented may affect how we parent. The articles chosen touch upon different topics that parents have or will encounter in their experiences with children. Each article provides the reader with information helping them form decisions that are best for parents and children in today’s society. The article, “Why is my 5 year old unhappy?” written by psychologist John Rosemond, reflects a question many parents ask themselves today. Rosemond is a bit controversial in his advice on parenting tending to reference his own experience growing up. As a parent and a member of the same generation as he is I can relate to some of his theories. The article stresses how a parent of a five year old is concerned because he is trying to give his only son everything he wants to make him happy. In return, he gets a moody child who has difficulty getting along with other children, ungrateful and non-communicative. Rosemond’s belief is the child is suffering from overindulgence and that today’s society has made the children the center of attention. Different than the parenting style of the 50’s, where parents were the center of attention. I do believe that parents tend to…

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