Essay on Why Is Morality Important?

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Why is morality important to society? The question of morality has been an ongoing debate for philosophers for many years. Morals are qualities we develop at a young age that teaches us right from wrong. It is very important that we have morals because it is a straightforward way of how we view ourselves and others. A good question to ask one is “Why should we be good?” The main idea of being good is following our morals which should trigger us to always tell the truth, be accountable for all of our actions, treating others with respect, and having self control. If morality never exists in society today the world would be filled with every form of evil and would be very unsafe. Overall, by everyone choosing to do good will help mold our minds to desire a positive future, and build a moral conscience that will direct us throughout the remainder of life. We live in a world where as a child our parent teaches us why we should chose to always do good to avoid negative consequences from wrongdoings. You are taught to use good judgment towards every situation because many view your background based on your upbringings. Parents teach young children the difference between right and wrong and you are either rewarded or punished according to your actions. For example, if a person does good it may lead to things such as a toy as a child, money, or candy to show that good actions lead to a positive result. However, on the flipside wrongdoing sends someone down a path that could lead to…

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