Essay about Why Is Man And Apes Share A Common Ancestor? Why?

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In preparation for this assignment I talked with several people, asking them the interview questions, I will address the answers of four of the people I talked with. Each question is listed below with a summary of the answers following.
How long are the days in Genesis 1? Why?
Three of the four persons basically said the exact time is unknown. The fourth said a day was from sun up to sun down no hours were specified.
How old is the Earth and life? Why?
One person said about 6,000 years, two stated it was unknowable, and one stated millions or billions of years, “science has proven that!”
Did man and apes share a common ancestor? Why or why not?
Three of the four indicated God is the creator of both, with two indicating it was possible for a common ancestor to exist. The fourth said no, and essentially explained microevolution does occur, but macroevolution does not.
Were Adam and Eve real people? Why or why not?
All stated Adam and Eve were real people, one said he thinks God created more than just Adam and Eve.
All of the people I interviewed profess a belief in God. When stating the reason for their answers general reference was made to the Bible for most of the answers. The exception being the answer stating science has proven the age of the earth. I found it interesting and discouraging how little the group knew about the scripture they were referencing. The days in Genesis 1 are a normal day in length. A plain reading of the scripture does not suggest anything other…

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