Why Is Knowledge Competitive Advantage? Essay

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1. Introduction
The ability to retain and preserve knowledge can be seen as a critical factor in the running of any organisation successfully. Data is gathered individually through sense and observation and interpreted in one’s brain to enhance knowledge. Knowledge is perceived and possessed around every person and the ability to exploit this can help them to make decisions correctly. In business context, many has seen knowledge as an important asset as a source of competitive advantage, and if managed properly, can help achieve the goals and objectives of the organisation. In order to capture the knowledge possessed within the minds of individuals, the process of Knowledge Management (KM) can be fulfilled. There are many approaches that knowledge can be disseminated and enjoyed across any businesses when implemented successfully. The aim of this article is to critically evaluate how best to identify, capture, organise and disseminate the knowledge based assets of an organisation and then appraise the impact of disruptive technologies associated. This is supported and illustrated by three different case studies.

why is knowledge competitive advantage http://graphics.eiu.com/files/ad_pdfs/tata_knowhow_wp.pdf 2. Knowledge and Knowledge Management
Knowledge is often described as ‘what we know’ and it is “the facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education, which supports the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.” (Oxford Dictionaries,…

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