Why Is King John Unfair

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The king of England, King John, is being extremely unfair. He raised the taxes in England and punished his enemies without trial. The king has gained too much power. My fellow nobles and I will have to find a way to lower the king’s power.

Tomorrow I shall hold a meeting with my fellow nobles and come up with a strategy that will give everyone the same amount of rights . If luck is with us, we will be able to take away most of the king’s powers and limit the government's powers. This will also give the people of England rights and help them understand that everyone has rights.

“ My fellow nobles as you can all see King John is getting immensely powerful. All of this, that is going on in England is unacceptable for
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“Oh, we are just here to discuss an important topic your majesty,” Francis said. “Why don’t you still understand that you being extremely unfair and cruel to the people of England?”

“Who are you to tell me what is fair and what is not,” King John began. “I am not being cruel I am just trying to keep England safe.”

“If you think that you are keeping England safe by punishing your enemies without trial and raising the taxes, you are extremely mistaken your majesty.” I said.

The king looked at me for a second and then said, “Sadon, who are you to tell me what is right and what is wrong. I have told you for the last I don't know how many times, that I am not going to change my decision about keeping England safe.”

“We are not going to take any of your orders, your majesty, until you agree to give us some rights and stop being cruel and start to treat everyone equally,” Francis said. The king looked stunned and unconfident for a second, but then seemed to have gained his self-confidence back.

“Well then, I don’t seem to be needing you nobles these days anyways, so it won’t matter to me that you nobles are not taking my orders,” said the king leaving us
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I discussed the plan with all of the other noble. They seemed to like the plan, so we decided to move ahead and create the document. Oliver took the responsibility of creating the document. The document stated that everyone gets equal rights. If the king was to sign the document much of his power is going to be taken away, the government’s power is going to get limited, widows are going to get to the right decide if they should remarry or not, and many other rights are going to be given to the people of England.

. . . The document is finally ready, after so many days. We decided to call the document the Magna Carta since it means the great charter. Today all of the nobles are going to go to Runnymede to meet King John. Lets hope the odds are in our favor.

“Hello, King John,” I said

“What was the favor you nobles wanted from me?” The king asked

“We want you to sign the Magna Carta,” I replied.


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