Why Is It That So Many People Perceive A Conflict Between Science And Faith?

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Why is it that so many people perceive a conflict between science and faith?
According Leslie Wickman, the reason that so many people perceive a conflict between science and faith is because of the “extremists” on each side of the argument. Wickman states on page 5 that these people are, “so thoroughly entrenched in their own positions that they cannot step back and think critically about their own perspectives.” When applied to other situations, this reasoning becomes very logical. If you think of politics or faith, the different divisions seem to be defined by their most radical members. The people with unwavering convictions that are too obsessed with the label “Republican” or “Democrat” to step back and examine what they truly believe and what makes the most sense.

What are some of the reasons or causes for the perceived conflict between science and faith?
For some people, like Wickman, one reason they perceive conflict between science and faith is due to the different perspectives taught in school and church. The information taught in school and church can often be in direct conflict with each other. School teaches science without God and Church teaches God without science, both avoid talking about the other. When the other side is brought up, vague information and arguments without sufficient evidence is presented. Wickman sums up this issue on page three when she states, “Too little information had created the dilemma that made me feel like I was supposed to choose…

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