Why Is It Only Sexist When Women Are Excluded? Essay

730 Words Apr 17th, 2016 3 Pages
(1) “Father’s day no longer arrives”. Appealing to tradition. The reason why I chose appealing to tradition is because the author already decided to point out there is no day assigned to be called a father’s day so traditionally fathers always the head of the house and provide the necessity for their family but in this case when women became head of the house then things will change. There are plenty fathers who stayed home with their kids. Therefore, fathers mostly wants to protect the family but do not care to celebrate the father’s day.
(2) “Why is it only sexist when women are excluded?” hasty generalization. The reason why I chose hasty generalization because mentioning and classifying of gender can encourage stereotype issues so it is not advisable to classify people with their looks.
(3) “Couldn’t help feeling excluded”. Jumping to conclusion. The reason why I chose hasty generalization is because traditionally mothers always comes first and it is unusual to see fathers stay home and take care the baby. At the same time the advertisers do not care about home stayed dads because it is not the usual thing so he might be excluded but most importantly he must be a good father at all time and must take lesson from the mothers who knows how to raise children without looking for any appreciations.
(4) “The babies themselves make it clear that they prefer their mothers” non sequitur. There reason why I chose non sequitur is because this logic is not hundred percent sure.…

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