Why Is It Important? Essay

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence has five component to it and each of them having different meanings. This is used in a persuasive speech and using these methods will help us as a speaker. The first step is get attention from your audience to do that you can use stories, statistics that are shocking and questions, that will make your audience want to listen to you. Establishing credibility is important because it supposed to state your purpose.
Step two would be Establish the Need, by doing that is to convince your audience that there is a problem. Using statistics data could be one way to show that there is a problem with the topic you are talking about, tell them about the consequences if they do not make the changes, and show them how the problem can affect them. But do not make them feel uneasy recommend a good idea to solve the solution. Step three, Satisfy the Need establish a solution. It will need facts, elaborate your idea and details, clarify what you want your audience to believe, summarize the information that you are providing and use good examples. Step four is, Visualize the Future help the audience to visualize what will happen if they do not take action on solving their problems. Our goal as a speaker is to convince our audience to agree with us on the topic. The final step, is to talk about a specific step they can use to solve a problem. Motivate them to take action but, do not overwhelm them with too much expectations and information. However, we as a…

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