Why Is It Important to Learn Child Development.? Essay

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why is it
The Importance of why early years students should study child development.y.

To provide effective learning and growing experiences for children and babies it is vital to have the understanding and knowledge of how children develop through-out their childhood years. `Early childhood studies 2007 Mary Wild p34` quotes that “ without some theoretical understanding the danger is that, at best, we do things in particular ways out of professional habit and thereby run the risk of not providing as worthwhile a learning experience as we could”

Studying Child Development enables us to be prepared for the expected and even unexpected: behavior, physical, social and emotional changes that will take place in many stages during a
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This will result in the promotion of child development in all main areas including: physical, communication, creative and social. ‘Threads of thinking’ by Cathy Nutbrown 1999 p61, “suggest that play increases educational development quote: “for the youngest children many scientific interests begin with exploratory play.” So by knowing this you could plan play which is educational and physical to promote development in all areas.

Not all children develop at the same pace, they do not all reach the expected cognitive milestones at exactly the same time, no one can actually explain or have set rules or dates about the developing child, however by studying child development it will make us more aware if a child is not showing signs of the expected pattern of development.

Here are a few examples that show just how unpredictable a Childs development rate can be and therefore once again reinforcing the fact that it is indeed important to be knowledgeable and aware of child development: I f you were to place an object in a baby’s palm, the baby’s fingers should close around the object because the muscle is developing and it is a primitive reflex, If by the age of 15 months a baby could not do this you would then encourage that child more in that area. By the age of 11 months a baby should be able to sit unsupported on the floor again if this was not the case you would help them more, by sitting them

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