Why Is It Difficult For Every American Dream? Essay

1518 Words Dec 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Why Is It Difficult For Every American to Achieve the American Dream? The American dream is something every American wants to achieve in their life because achieving the dream means you will have a lot of money, success, happiness, and nothing to worry about. There are many obstacles Americans have to overcome when trying to achieve the American dream, and for some people the dream is never achieved. For example, Middle and Lower class Americans are the ones who mostly struggle to attain the dream. People in these classes always seem to stay in the same class. Sometimes opportunity is holding people back from attaining the American dream because they might not get the opportunity to be successful. More Americans should be able to attain the American dream, especially if they are working hard and doing good they should be rewarded. People may try to cheat by doing illegal things to achieve the American dream, but that brings up the question if they actually achieved the dream or not. Most likely they would not have achieved the dream since cheating most of the time will not get you anywhere. The biggest obstacles when trying to achieve the American dream are focused around things like: money, nature, education, heritage, and mindset. Most importantly you should do what you love instead of doing things that others love but you really do not. Since achieving the American dream is a difficulty, Americans need to focus on ways to overcome the obstacles so they can get closer to…

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