Why Is Intelligence Related People With Depression? Essays

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To What Extent is Intelligence Related to People with Depression? “Identifying Genius is a dicey venture”. This was said and used by a professor of pyschology, Keith Simonton. Although some may find it hard to believe, studies have shown that the intelligence of people is related to whether or not they are in a good mood. I came to understand this when I read “The Science of Genius” by Keith Simonton. In it, Simonton says that genius has been linked towards melancholia. Depression is a growing issue in America and it affects both adults and children. Depression is a feeling of severe dejection. Depression has been affecting a lot of teens and research has demonstrated that it is mainly affecting students who are brainy. The link between depression and intelligence has grown strong as the workload in school increased. In general, intelligence has been proven to be linked with and lead to depression and emotional instability.
Effects of Intelligence On Depression People who are intelligent can show signs of bipolar disorder and suffer from it. This is also true for those with creative jobs. In fact, according to the Sarah Glenn in Medical News Today, “Analysis provided evidence for the researchers ' prior report, that bipolar disorder is more common in all individuals with artistic or scientific jobs, including researchers, dancers, photographers, and authors”. This is portraying that people in jobs that require intelligence are suffering from…

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