Illegal Immigration Issues

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Illegal immigration is a significant and major economic problem in the United States. Statistics show the negative impact of this issue. It is a government debate that is currently a major issue in the White House . Illegal immigration is debated and viewed by government, ethnic, and religious groups in different ways. It affects us on a national and local scale and solutions to the problem are desperately needed.
In 2012 The Department of Homeland Security estimated that there were 11.4 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, and 59% of the illegal immigrants were from Mexico. In 2012 there were 6,720,000 illegal immigrants from Mexico alone. Also, in 2012 there were approximately 41 million total immigrants that lived in
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The most common reason Mexicans illegally immigrate is because we share a border with them and America has more opportunities. Economics is the number one reason for illegal immigration. Immigrants come to the United States, make a lot more money than they would in their own countries and send it back home to their families. One other way that foreigners can easily illegally immigrate is overstaying their welcome. They come over with temporary non immigration visas and when they expire they do not leave. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that 27-57% of illegal immigrants that are in the U.S. are here because of visa overstays. Another cause that motivates people to illegally immigrate is bad conditions back home. Many aliens are looking for a better life and safer country to raise their families. Not all ethnic and religious groups view illegal immigration in the same …show more content…
When you hire someone you would have to enter their name on a special site and the government would go through and see if they are legal immigrants or U.S. citizens. This would prevent illegal immigrants from taking away American jobs and getting away with being here illegally. Also, it would be a good way to find out where an illegal immigrant is. For example, if someone entered a name into the site in Peoria, Illinois, and it came up they were a illegal immigrant, a government agency would be able to go to Peoria, get more background information on the immigrant, find them, and deport them back to the country they came

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