Essay about Why Is Human Flourishing?

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Human flourishing is an incorporation of different psychological ideas to attempt to figure out what defines if a person ‘flourishes’. It is not a concept that is easily defined, however it does seem to be a concept that people are aware of, when it occurs. During the semester, I live in a hall of residence for the University. The hall has approximately one hundred and seventy first-year students, who are all within the age gap of seventeen to twenty. However, at every opportunity I receive, I travel home – to my family. Home isn’t so much about the place, but about the people there – my mother and my younger brother. My home and my family provide me with a sense of belonging and meaning, two extremely important aspects of human flourishing.
Although I live with my own peers who are close in age to myself, I don’t always feel as though I belong. Belonging is a psychological concept that is extremely important in human flourishing. Belonging is the idea of being a valued member of a group or society and exclusion from such a group can result in serious impairment. Humans are essentially social creatures and the need to belong stems from the need to survive and reproduce – which are much easier to achieve in groups. Humans’ survival in the modern world is dependent on the social bonds we form (Meyers, 2000). Just one or two emotionally positive relationships are enough for some people. Research shows that people deal with the stress they face in life far better if they have…

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