Global Warming: Is It Real?

Superior Essays
Molli Lott
DC Comp II
5 February 2016
Is it Hot in Here or What? The debate over whether global warming is real has become a very hot topic. Some people firmly believe it is real, and some people are certain it is a hoax. Unfortunately, there is a mass of evidence that shows global warming is very much alive. The evidence includes the increasing global temperature and also the rising sea level.
There are several issues that cause global warming, but one of the biggest is the greenhouse effect. According to the IPCC, the greenhouse effect is when greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, are trapped in the atmosphere causing heat. Greenhouse gases have drastically increased due to factory farms and automobiles. Factory farms burn fossil
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Some believe that it is a natural cycle that the temperatures rise and fall every few years. Though this could be plausible, records show that humans are the main cause in the increasing global temperatures. Rather than the climate fluctuating from natural events like solar variations, the temperatures have been increasing due to human actions such as burning fossil fuels (Bertrand). Others believe that this is all “God’s plan.” “[…] This world is made for humans to use and exploit to our own ends, that this world isn 't made to last anyway, and that in fact destruction of this world and its environment are not only inevitable but in fact sort of linked to the return of Jesus Christ and the ultimate victory of Christians over forces opposed to them and their God” (Hughes). All people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, but this one appears confusing. Most Christians do not know for certain when their Christ will return to earth. What if people destroy the earth before they are saved? Also, in the Bible there are several verses that say the opposite of what Hughes presented. Genesis 2:15 states “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it” (Wellman). The Garden of Eden being Earth, the Christian god is directly saying that he placed humans here to preserve the land. Also, in Numbers 35:33 the scripture says, “You shall not …show more content…
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