Essay Why Is Education Still Lacking Today?

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Since President Johnson, lawmakers have been trying to fix the United States public education system. Why is education still lacking today? America is thought to be a superpower. Ranking 25th in math and 21st in science, America can hardly be called a superpower. (Sorrentino). The worst part is most people are not aware of our current educational status in the world. Today there is a lot of finger pointing going on but not enough solving. The United States has been using the same education system, and it is becoming evident. As years go on, other countries keep surpassing America on the charts. America isn’t number one. Let’s stop postponing the changes that a necessary for education in America to succeed. In order to improve the United States public education crisis, lawmakers need to make sure the students, parents, and teachers are motivated. The lack of motivation from students in one of the reason America’s education system is failing. Students who are not motivated don’t soak up the lesson the teacher is giving. The students who are not engaged fall behind the children who are engaged. As their schooling goes on, it just becomes a great divide, leading to the students dropping out of school. A study released by the Center of Education Policy reveals that 40% of High School students are disengaged from their classes (Crotty). That study further emphasizes the lack of student engagement and motivation. How should students be motivated? The answer is competition. “Our…

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