Why Is Education Necessary For Education? Essay

1155 Words Sep 20th, 2016 5 Pages
For the past month, the wise students of Wesleyan College have been reading and watching Ted Talk videos that all somehow relate to education. Primarily focusing on Sir Kenneth Robinson, Daniel Pink, and Fareed Zakaria, each text has a unique meaning and different point of view. They also all have a piece in their text which is influenced by education. Before one can proceed further into the re-imagining process, it is of value to uncover the true meaning of education. By comparing and contrasting the previous texts, it would be beneficial when it comes to critically analyzing and thinking about the similarities and differences between education. Knowing the standpoints on multiple views gives the reader a greater knowledge on the topic of education. Finally, one can re-imagine education with a multitude of views, thus creating the new idea of education. Truly re-imagining education takes multiple approaches and acquiring different views, additionally it requires an active imagination in order to visualize a greater future for the students of America.
The process of obtaining education is extremely hard if a student is not engaged in learning. Before a student can understand how to engage in learning, it is key to know what education means. Education can be defined as many things, however when thinking of education, one might believe it is the means of how one can acquire knowledge or information that will be useful throughout life. Education can be different depending on…

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