Essay on Why Is Education Important?

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Education is so important in our emancipation and development as human beings. It is important that we look holistically and start with the basics as a means to begin our exploration of developing ways of living in a kind of balance with our habitat and its inhabitants. Although our task ahead is monumental and difficult, sometimes impossible, the more we learn and educate ourselves, the more we find that there are many viable and alternatives to the current situation in which we find solutions. In the sense that it is a means of training that education is serving to form something, especially something that will have a lasting effect on the mind and the powers of the person.

When I was in Kindergarten, the principal didn’t let me go to school because she said I am not ready yet to go to school at that time because I was just 3 years old. The principal told my mom to just take homeschooling because I am not ready yet. My mom agrees with the idea of homeschooling, but she didn’t agree on what the principal told her that I am not ready. My mom enrolled for homeschooling and she told the principal if I can take the entrance exam, the principal let me do it. After a month, the registrar called my mom and asked if she can go with me the next day because I passed the entrance exam with an average score of 96%. My mom was so excited about what the principal will tell her about it. After the discussion the Principal let me enroll in the institution. At the end of the school year,…

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