Why Is Dog Abuse Wrong

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Dog abuse is wrong. Almost every day a dog dies because of abuse. Just because they made a mistake. The people know what’s happening to these poor dogs, but none have the courage to stand up and stop this abuse. Dogs show a lot of love to their owners, and even the smallest hearts show love. So why do owners show hate and no love back? Most people don’t like dogs because videos have shown a dog being bad, or a personality of a dog being bad, but not all dogs are bad. Most dogs that are bad are because of abandonment, and mistreatment. This is a big problem and it needs to be dealt with, but who will? That is where DOG comes in. DOG is a program to raise money for animal shelters dog abuse is all over Chelsea This a problem because animals are dieing many animals suffer from abuse shelters do not have enough room for these dogs. Dogs need help, and you can help by sending money to animal shelters, help take care of abused dogs, and most important stop the abuse. …show more content…
This program will be called DOG it will cost less than 1,000 dollars . The money will be raised by selling t-shirts and doing fundraisers.

By the time DOG is over we should have enough money to complete Are goal. Dog abuse is a big problem and no one should do it. dogs do everything they can to please their owners. These abused animals will be sent to shelters that do not put down dogs. before they are sent to the shelters the shelters will need remodeling or be upgraded. then there will be enough room for these animals. the plan should cost less than $1,000 but may go over. Dog abuse is wrong and no one should ever do

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