A College Education Is Necessary Essay

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Many students are getting their college acceptance letters in the mail this time of year, but what about the kids who aren’t going? Proponents of college argue that a college degree is necessary because it makes you significantly more money over your lifespan, however the amount is not as much as one would think (Doyne). Also, when people say a college degree is necessary, what is it necessary for; wealth, success, or happiness? Lots of students are no longer buying into this college myth, but every year, more and more students feel pressured by society to go. Teachers and parents should present other viable options other than pursuing a college when helping children plan for their futures. Today many students are pursuing faster and cheaper …show more content…
They tell people a degree is necessary without explicitly stating what it is necessary for, is it for success, money, or even happiness? The figure that states you earn sizably more with a degree has been refuted, and people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs have proven a degree isn’t necessary for success. There are plenty of people out there with degrees stuck in a dead end job they hate, or not able to find work at all based on the aforementioned statistics. So that leaves happiness, however, students need to evaluate if it will make them happy to go to college for four years just so you can work at a job where you’ll be able to afford to pay off your college debts. Instead, people should learn to equate happiness to something other than money and let themselves follow a career path that they truly want, and not one that will them an impressive salary. Four years of youth isn’t something people should waste away in college if they really don’t want to go, especially since student debt and the lack of job opportunities is looming overhead. Teachers and parents shouldn’t only present college as the only option, but instead should tell those who are thinking about their futures to follow happiness and not

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