Essay on Why Is Cloning Important?

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If you have a clone, is he/she your sibling or offspring? In fact, this clone is not your relevant, it is just a clone of you, even the clone has exactly identical genes as you. With the development of technology in Canada, cloning becomes more known by people. Canadian scientists explore clone in order to apply the knowledge to diseases and pathogens, and explore genetic and hybrid information of many species ("Why Is Cloning Important?"). Even cloning has many benefits for human and other species, we wonder is the development of cloning technology ethical for Canadians? While doing the research, I found that there are mainly two types of cloning, which are therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. I am going to explore the positive and negative sides of each type of cloning first and we hope to get an answer to my question. Center for Genetics and Society is a good resource for the research which provides adequate information of positive and negative sides of reproductive cloning. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is another helpful source which talks about the first cloned sheep, Dolly and its ethical issue.
First of all, I want to discuss the article, “Therapeutic cloning: promises and issues” written by Charlotte Kfoury. It informs the readers about the potential applications of therapeutic cloning and its roadblocks. It provides useful information for our research question because it tells what cloning can do in the field of medicine. The author includes an…

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